what is foundation training?

FOUNDATION TRAINING is a series of highly developed exercises designed to strengthen the posterior chain of muscles which support the spine. Done regularly, this combination of stretching, strength building and decompression movements maintains a pain free and healthy posture.

The simple beauty of Foundation Training is that it can be done anywhere at anytime. No gym, yoga pants or special equipment required.


The POSTURE STRONG team John Gannon and MJ Yates are accredited instructors based in Sydney teaching the method of FOUNDATION TRAINING.
There are weekly classes on the beach fronts of Maroubra and Clovelly - everyone welcome.


POSTURE STRONG also offer tailored packages for places of work, conferences, sporting clubs and education centres.

dr. eric goodman

Dr. Eric Goodman created Foundation Training, which is a series of exercises to alleviate chronic back pain, improve posture and enhance athletic ability.

Eric graduated from University of California with a Bachelors in Health Sciences and Physiology and also has a Doctor of Chiropractic from SCUHS.
While in chiropractic school, Goodman developed severe low back pain. His doctors suggested surgery, which he wisely rejected. Instead, his own pain set him on the path of discovering a long-term solution, which ultimately resulted in Foundation Training.

John & Eric, Maroubra beach September 2017

" The idea is really simple. Our body is made to help itself. As long as we can get the muscles to align it properly, our breathing patterns to align properly, our pelvic muscles to be more stabilized, our posture will involuntarily become stronger.”

Eric Goodman

Watch Dr Eric Goodman's TEDx talk

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