We offer a method to reduce back pain, improve performance + well being.

We have packages designed to introduce the method of FOUNDATION TRAINING to your workplace or sporting club.

what is foundation training?

Foundation Training is a series of highly developed exercises designed to strengthen the posterior chain of muscles which support the spine. Done regularly, this combination of stretching, strength building and decompression movements maintains a pain free and healthy posture.

The simple beauty of Foundation Training is that it can be done anywhere at anytime. No gym, yoga pants or special equipment required...

photo Gage Skidmore

Chris Hemsworth on Foundation Training:

"Until I started doing FT, I couldn't lift Thor's hammer - at least, not without help from Hollywood magic ..."

meet the trainers

MJ's career in film and TV took a back seat when she began training and working as a remedial massage therapist. Her desire to help people find a long-term remedy for their back pain then led her to accreditation in Foundation Training.
She is now focussed on the preventative benefits that this technique delivers through overall improvement in posture.

John Gannon

John has been working in the health and fitness industry in Australia for 22 years. He is well known through his career as a surf coach on the world circuit and as a personal trainer and lifeguard.
John is also an accredited Foundation Training instructor, motivated by his passion for making stronger, taller humans.

maroubra class

John: 0402 780 789
mj: 0419 276 316

Email us for further information on classes and Package inquiries.

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